Quality through excellence

Quality promise by our trained employees

At Busch + Kunz, we are proud of the experience and expertise we have gained in almost 50 years of manufacturing welding fittings. With our thrive for excellence, we commit ourselves to supplying our customers only with products of the highest quality. A cornerstone of our quality promise is our own quality management system, which has been audited and testified by numerous certifications. Every Busch + Kunz employee is trained and checks every process step in accordance with defined specifications and documentation.

Quality assurance at Busch + Kunz

Our quality management team carries out in-process quality checks in all departments to ensure compliance with our high standards. Our quality assurance relies on advanced testing methods such as magnetic particle testing systems (MT), dye penetrant testing (PT) and material mix-up testing using X-rays as well as metallurgical tests, which are carried out independently in an external laboratory. Our modern machinery with a high degree of automation also ensures consistently high product quality in our production.


Our Busch + Kunz family

We are aware of our responsibility towards our employees and their families and therefore create an environment with long-term and stable career paths. As a family-owned business, each of our employees is part of our corporate family.

We see our employees as an essential key to our success. We are proud of our positive working environment, which is characterised by respect, solidarity and a family atmosphere. This also explains the high level of company loyalty among our employees, some of whom have been with the company for over 40 years, as an expression of their deep trust in our corporate values and vision.

Candour and personal development heavily define our culture

Training and further professional education at Busch + Kunz As company offering apprenticeships, our well-balanced mix of employees with many years of experience and and young employees and their fresh dynamism helps us to continuousloy be ready for the future. With the help of our own further education programmes and training courses for our employees, we ensure that our team always masters both proven and innovative methods and processes. We support personal and professional development of our employees in order to be able to offer individual long-term career development opportunities with the company.

We promote a corporate culture in which mistakes are part of the learning process and provide learning opportunities for further improvement. We encourage our employees to address mistakes, to work as a team to find solutions and to try out new ways and ideas. This openness helps us to continuously improve. Even if our products are technically standardised, the needs of our customers and employees are not. For us, standing still means taking a step backwards. We are open to change and innovate and are happy to take on a pioneering role within our industry. This openness promotes creativity and innovation and encourages our employees to break new ground.


Candour and flexibility

In a dynamic working environment, adaptability and willingness to learn are key factors for long-term success of a company. Anyone who has to fulfil individual customer requirements must be able to act in a flexible manner and for us this starts with our own employees.

Promoting and offering flexibility

The traditional 9 to 5 working day no longer suits all lifestyles and personal situations. Our flexible working time models take into account the individual needs of our employees and promote work-life balance. At Busch + Kunz, we also offer our employees hybrid working models. These elements are not just individual strategies, but interlocking components of a modern working culture that aims to both achieve organisational goals and promote the well-being and satisfaction of our employees.