Living and taking responsibility

Our vision for sustainable growth

Long-term success is more important to us as a family business than short-term results. At Busch + Kunz, we define sustainable growth through three central pillars that characterise our corporate philosophy and our plans for the future: Achieving the goal of climate neutrality, viewing supplier and customer relationships as "trusted partnerships" and pursuing a forward-thinking HR strategy.

Our long-term approach proves itself particularly in volatile times, which can be marked by pandemic, geopolitical or market changes. Our company results prove us right here and their strength is also independently confirmed externally - such as by Creditreform's CrefoZert which has already recognised our creditworthiness several times.

Goal of climate neutrality at Busch + Kunz

As a metal processing company, we see it as our responsibility and obligation to make an active contribution to reducing our CO₂ footprint. To achieve this goal, we have already had our CO₂ footprint being evaluated. We have defined measures with the help of an accompanying energy audit to sustainably reduce our overall energy consumption. Our energy consumption on an anual basis then gets reviewed to quantify the effectiveness of the measures we have introduced.

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We are also investing in more environmentally friendly technologies in order to continuously reduce our carbon footprint. We will gradually expand our vehicle fleet to include electric vehicles that can be charged at the company's own charging stations. We have been digitising our internal processes and workflows for several years now and work with a digital document archiving system for a paperless process. With EDIFACT, we are digitally connecting our processes with our customers' ordering processes, thus further reducing our paper requirements and at the same time reducing transport and logistics costs through more intelligent dispatch planning with our customers. At Busch + Kunz, we have set ourselves the ambitious goal of becoming climate-neutral by the end of this decade. We are convinced that this will not only make us stronger as a company, but also make a important contribution to society and the environment. We also see companies playing a key role in the fight against climate change and we are ready to do our part.

Living customer and supplier relationships as trusted partnerships

We firmly believe that sustainable growth is closely linked to our customer and supplier relationships. Long-standing customer and supplier relationships are more than just business relationships for us at Busch + Kunz. We view them as "trusted partnerships" and see them as the basis for sustainable growth.

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Most of our customer and supplier relationships have existed for decades, during which we have built up mutual trust and prove this every day. Especially when things get difficult, our customers know that they can always rely on our commitment and support. Our relationships are characterised by reliability, trust and the goal of being successful together and growing with our partners. As a German manufacturer, compliance with all legal requirements at national, European and international level is our key priority. Responsible business practices, laid down in our Code of Conduct, not only describe how we work with our partners, but we also what ethical behaviour we expect from all our business partners. When selecting our supplier relationships, it is important to us that all of our raw materials and supplies are sourced from Germany or Europe. This enables us to organise our supply chains efficiently and to be self-sufficient in the event of global supply chain disruptions. We have been pursuing this strategy for almost 50 years and will continue to do so in the future.


Our products are "made in Germany" and stand for the highest quality, reliability and innovative strength. We live this tradition and will continue to do so in the future in order to offer our customers products and services they can rely on. At Busch + Kunz, we believe that our long-standing relationships and our focus on quality only make us stronger together. We look forward to continuing and expanding these successful partnerships with our customers and suppliers in the future.

Our employees are the key pillar of our success

As a family-owned company, our HR strategy is geared towards the long term and aims to promote and develop our employees. We are proud of the diversity and performance of our teams. With a healthy mix of young talent and experienced employees, we ensure that many years of experience are passed on to the next generation of talent.

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Through continuous training, professional development opportunities and an inclusive corporate culture, we create a working environment in which our employees feel safe and can realise their full potential. Our aim is to promote and retain talent. We often attract new talent through recommendations from our employees. It goes without saying that we offer our employees fair and performance-related remuneration as well as numerous additional benefits in the areas of company pension schemes and supplementary health insurance. Hybrid working models have been practised in our administration for years in order to better meet the individual needs of our employees, especially those with families. The strong cohesion in our teams and the very high level of staff loyalty are the result of our efforts to be an attractive employer for our employees. Many of our employees stay with us until they retire and beyond. Together with our employees, we work every day to successfully shape the future of Busch + Kunz.