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Busch + Kunz

Connections for the future

Busch + Kunz - a strong brand

Our mission statement forms the fundamental framework of Busch + Kunz and reflects our understanding and our guiding principles. It consists of various key components including our mission and vision, which then form the basis for our corporate management.

Our mission statement is not only important to our dedicated workforce, but also defines how we go to market for and our valued customers. It embodies our commitment to creating secure connections and guides us in creating sustainable values.

Our mission

Make it happen

In our day-to-day operations our employees focus on driving projects pragmatically and tackling tasks with a hands-on mentality. This is how we manage as a team realising our vision for the future.

Unsere Vision
Our Vision
Our Vision
Our Vision

As a family-run company we are leading through our innovative strength

We are the reliable partner for close customer connections today and in the future

Our values

The basis of our actions

Responsibility, unity, sustainability and steady evolution are the guiding principles of our actions. Those fundamental values form the identity of the Busch + Kunz brand and reflect our identity. Responsibility is our main driver and is the foundation of our self-image. We always keep unity in mind because it is the constant that we can always rely on. Sustainability provides the necessary dynamism to remain agile even when influences change over time. And last we always want to constantly evolve in order to become better every day.

Our values


We believe in teamwork as only together, we can be effective and achieve great things. Making a difference together and being part of something big: That's what teamwork at Busch + Kunz is all about.


As a leading fitting manufacturer in Europe, we are always aware of our commitment to our customers and our own employees. Every single one of our employees bears responsibility within the company. This is reflected in our daily work and decision-making.


In order to be successful in the long run and to keep up with today's competition, a future-oriented focus is a key driver. That is why we at Busch + Kunz are driven by innovation and agile behaviour.

Steady evolution

We position ourselves as a pioneer for innovation with the openess for change. Make it happen - we always open to try out new methods and modern ways of working and thus break new ground.

Focussing on the future

  • Sustainability

  • Regionality

Our positioning


We position ourselves very clearly: RELIABLE. Creating secure connections is part of our mission. In order to offer saftety we have to be reliable. As a consequence we position ourselves as a reliable partner. We achieve our goal of reliability by acting in accordance with our values: We take over responsibility and stand close by our partners as one unit. In doing so, we constantly aim to evolve our skills aligned to our customers' requirements and thus remain fit for the future.

Our purpose

"CONNECTING FUTURE" is our corporate purpose. We fulfil it by adhering to these four cornerstones:
SAFETY FIRST - We create reliable metal moulded parts to make the world a safer place.
KEEP IT FLOWING - We are the constant that keeps everything flowing, permanently and consistently.
QUALITY - With proven processes, we fulfil requirements and create secure connections.
PASSION - Thanks to our creativity and the openess of our employees, we are a leading company when it comes to innovation.

Our promise

As a manufacturer of welding fittings we trust our skills, our employees and our partners. With trust, we achieve our corporate purpose and manage to connect the present with the future. That is why we promise: TRUST CONNECTS.

Busch+Kunz services

Our customer benefits reside in our expertise: reliable, safe and proven. Our products are the result of many years of expertise and extensive experience. We empower our customers with high-performance, intelligent and competent solutions that can be used effectively across all industries.

Safety and partnership reflect our reliability. Our results are fair, binding and target-oriented. We create future-proof connections that meet your needs efficiently and effectively thanks to our expertise and industry knowledge.

Our customer benefits